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  -Gold Medal for the Birthday Child!
  -The only PARTY in the activity area! 

  -Energetic and friendly instructors! 

  -One full hour of activity time! 

  -45 minutes in the Party Area! 

  -Clean Up Crew- Yeah!! 

  -Personalized Invites by request! 

  -Fun Intro, Games, Sky High Swing!
  -Foam Pit, Trampolines and more! 



Up to 18 Guests

2 Instructors

1.75 hours

Starting at:




19 - 27 Guests

3 Party Staff

1.75 Hours

Starting at:


Want to make your party even more fliptastic?
Add a jump house or extra time!

Can I have other guests? Yes!! Parents, younger siblings and other friends and family not counted in the party guest count are welcome to attend, however are not permitted in the activity area. Spectators not included in the guest count must remain in the party room or lobby area for the duration of your reserved party time.

Do the party guest parents have to stay? If the participant is under the age of 3 they must be accompanied by a parent/guardian for the entire duration of the party. Party guests over the age of 4 can be dropped off for the duration of the party. Reminder… Party guests under the age of 16, not included in the guest count, must be under adult supervision at all times. Party guests ages 3 and under should be accompanied by parent/guardian within arms reach wether a spectator or party guest.

What happens? Families can arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of the party to set up and decorate the party area to their liking or party theme. You are welcome to bring food and beverages of your choice (please, no alcohol). Don’t worry… you will have plenty of time child-free to set up more, if needed, while the kids are having a blast out in the activity area. The kids will first head out on the floor for a 10 minute group activity at your chosen start time. This allows late guests to join before the main activities begin. The party guests will then do two 25- minute rotations out in the set up activity areas. The remaining 45 minutes is in the party room for snacks and goodies! At the conclusion, guests are asked to get ready for departure in order for the following party to begin setting up.

What should we wear? Boys and girls will be having a blast while moving, playing, bouncing and jumping! We recommend wearing a leotard or comfortable shorts/pants and a t-shirt. All children are barefoot in the activity area to avoid slipping. For safety reasons we recommend that children with long hair keep it tied back away from their face and that their body is free of dangling jewelry. We recommend adults wear a comfortable pair of sneakers, but the rest is up to you!

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