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Our team philosophy is simple: we strive to give each gymnast the tools to personally succeed in the sport of gymnastics and in life. We offer the best possible training and instruction in a fun-filled, safe learning environment.


Developmental Program

Super Stars & Pre-team

Entry into the Developmental Program is by invite of an instructor or Team Coach. Gymnasts entering the competitive team track must demonstrate a strong desire to learn and have the physical ability to excel quickly in the sport of gymnastics. 


The emphasis is on building a strong foundation for future skills in a positive, low pressure manner for each gymnast as she progresses toward the competitive levels. As the level of difficulty increases, so do the hours of practice, commitment and expectations. These tiny but mighty gymnasts love a challenge right side up or upside down!

Developmental Team

Level 3 - Level 10

Bay Island has had the pleasure of assisting children to learn, grow, develop and mature into confident young adults. Team coaches work hard to discover the balance that will work best for each individual athlete and teach in a way that takes advantage of their strengths. 


Our goal is to assist in the development of confidence, poise, individuality, determination, appreciation for dedication, effort and self-respect of our competitive athletes.Our gymnastics training has assisted numerous gymnasts to become Local, State and Regional Champions. 


Xcel Team

Silver, Gold, Platinum & Diamond

The Xcel Program is designed to offer a broad-based more affordable competitive experience outside the traditional Developmental Program to attract and retain a diverse group of athletes. Xcel has more flexible requirements, a gymnast can be working upper level skills on one event and competing at a lower level on all the other events. 

The Xcel program is ideal for gymnasts who enjoy participating in various extracurricular activities, need less of a
time commitment and prefer a less competitive experience. 

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