After School Activities


Gymnastics for Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced

6-17 year old Gymnastics

Recreational after school activities are geared toward boys and girls ages 6 and older. Your child will be guided through the basic fundamentals of fitness and gymnastics in a fun and goal oriented manner on the various Olympic events and trampoline.

Gymnastics for Toddler & Preschool Aged Students

Toddler - 5 Year old Gymnastics

Each preschool class focuses on teaching developmentally appropriate gymnastics skills with the direct aim of enhancing social & physical motor skills, reading readiness and coordination. Lots of movement activity, with plenty of care, patience and smiles. Class sizes are kept small, so that special little someone of yours gets lots of attention.



Is your child always jumping, running and climbing over everything? Are you looking for a fun alternative fitness activity for your child to do? Then you and your child will love NINJA WARRIORS! A very physically thrilling fitness-based curriculum that is designed for participants to become stronger, more agile, quicker and efficiently move from one place to another.


Are you wishing your child and their POD Group of friends/family could participate in Gymnastics or Ninja Warriors at BIG? Does COVID-19 have you feeling worried about participating with other students? We can arrange a 45 minute lesson between the hours of 12:00 - 2:45pm Monday - Friday for your child and up to 5 friends to have a private class. The monthly group fee for POD classes is $700 for 6 students. Pod classes are not guaranteed to be the only participants in the gym, however times are planned when regular classes are not in session.


The same BIG Covid Guidelines and Protocols will be followed.


POD Classes will be available starting September 1st!

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