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2022 Summer Camps @ BIG


BIG camps are fantastic for kids of all abilities!

Why pick BIG Camps?

  • B.I.G. has trained ALL instructors to follow established safety protocols and policies. The safety of your child and our community is top priority. 

  • All camps follow suggested student/teacher ratios. This provides stable groups and enhanced safety!

  • Our instructors are credentialed through USAG, certified in SafeSport and Safety/Risk Management. BIG coaches are awesome with KIDS!

  • Every session of camp celebrates different themes filled with creativity, loads of laughter, memories and new friendships! 

  • Campers experience a variety of activities: Gymnastics & Trampoline Instruction, Ninja Challenges, Arts & Crafts, Games, Sky High Swinging and more!

  • Full Day (9:00am-3:00pm) Summer camp sessions will begin the week of June 6th and continue through August12th. 

Tumble in the Jungle - Do you like wild animals? Join us as we explore and tumble through the BIG jungle. Our safari expedition will lead us into uncharted jungles of the world.


June 6-10

Aloha Surfers - Get ready for the ultimate beach party.  We’re like totally gonna catch some way cool waves and hang ten! Later, we can do a little limboing and play some beach volleyball. Dude, it’s gonna be awesome!

Four Acrobats

June 13-17

Circus de Soleil - Live a magical experience under the big top! Make your own juggling balls, become a great acrobat, swing like trapeze artists and perform amazing balancing acts.

Kids with Capes

June 21-25

Super Heroes - Are you faster than a train?  Can you climb tall buildings? Your secret powers will come in handy this adventurous week. We will have super hero games and friendly competitions throughout the week!

Northern Lights

June 28 - July 2

Wizardry Camp - Campers escape into our wizarding world and learn about spells, potions, flying and magical beasts. Make your own magic wand, duel with your fellow wizards, play wizard sports and more!


July 11-15

Out of this World - Would you like to swing on a star? Ever dream of defying gravity like an astronaut? We will be voyaging to discover the great unknown and explore many new galaxies! Climb aboard our rocket ship and let’s blast off!

Trampoline Runway

July 18-22

Olympic Games - Get ready to live the dream and earn a medal! Take on our gymnastics super skill challenges and make your way to the top of the podium.

Corals Under the Sea

July 25-29

Ocean Voyagers - Come aboard as we travel the seven seas and get marooned on Bay Island. Find a world of new creatures and adventures. Dance with mermaids and climb seaweed to the deepest depths. But beware of pirates... Yo-ho Yo-ho a pirates life for me!

Beautiful Nature

August 1-5

Jungle Safari - Do you like wild animals and exotic bugs? Join us as we explore and tumble through the BIG jungle. Our safari expedition will lead us into uncharted jungles of the world. Soar high like a butterfly and leap great distances like a leopard!

Astronomical Clock

August 8-12

Time Travelers - Go flipping through different periods of time!  Start a stampede with the dinosaurs, face off in the wild west, and cartwheel off into the FUTURE!

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