Xcel Competitive Program

The Xcel Program is designed to offer a broad-based affordable competitive experience outside the traditional Jr. Olympic Program to attract and retain a diverse group of athletes. 

Xcel Levels differ from J.O. levels because they have more flexible requirements. A gymnast can be working upper level skills on one event and competing at a lower level on all the other events. There is also an option to specialize in one event. 

  • Silver (comparable to J.O. levels 2-4)

  • Gold (comparable to J.O. levels 4-6)

  • Platinum (comparable to J.O. levels 5-7)

  • Diamond (comparable to J.O. levels 6-9)

Gymnasts compete at local invitationals, State championships with a qualifying score (varies yearly), and may qualify to Regional Championships from the State Competition. Only Gold and above Bay Island gymnasts participate at Regional Competitions.

Please contact our office for further information about this program!