Junior Olympic Team

Bay Island has had the pleasure of assisting children to learn, grow, develop and mature into confident young adults. Team coaches work hard to discover the balance that will work best for each individual athlete and teach in a way that takes advantage of their strengths, and decreases their weaknesses. Our gymnastics training has assisted numerous gymnasts to become Local, State and Regional Champions. To further assist our competitive gymnasts with their educational goals we have incorporated a study area. Bay Island Team members are exceptional students inside the gym and out.

Our team philosophy is simple: we strive to give each gymnast the tools to personally succeed in the sport of gymnastics and in life. We offer the best possible training and instruction in a fun-filled, safe learning environment.

Our team goal is to assist in the development of confidence, poise, individuality, determination, appreciation for dedication, effort and self-respect of our competitive athletes.

Junior Olympic Program

Levels 3 to 5

A gymnast normally spends one full season or more at each of these compulsory levels. Each level has a routine for bars, vault, beam and floor that are performed the same way across the country.  As gymnasts move to more advanced levels, their routines involve increasingly difficult skills.  Because of this, the number of days and times each of these levels train also increases. 


Competitions for levels 3-5 range from local to out of state invitational meets with the primary season culminating in the Norcal State Championships in November of each year. All level gymnasts can qualify to the State championship meet by scoring a 34.5 AA at any sanctioned invitational meet during the season.


Levels 6 / 7

This is the competitive gymnast’s first experience with optional routines. Optional routines are designed by the athlete and her coach based on her strengths. Competitions range from local to out-of state invitationals, with the season culminating at the Regional Championships in April of each year. Athletes qualify to the State Championships by achieving a 32.00 AA at a USAG sanctioned competition over the season. These levels may qualify to regionals by obtaining a minimum score of a 34.50 at the State Championship competition.

Levels 8 to 10

These are all optional levels that require increased levels of difficulty in order to be successful. Most invitational meets throughout the country are geared towards these levels.  Training for success at these levels usually entails a commitment of between 17 and 25 hours of training per week.  


These gymnasts compete in local, invitational, and state championships, but are also eligible to qualify to regional and national championships.  The level 8 seasons culminates with the Regional Championships, and the 9 and 10 seasons with the National Championships.  Athletes qualify to the State Championships by achieving a 32.00AA at a sanctioned competition.  


At the State meet Levels 8-10 may qualify to the Regional Competition by achieving a 34.00 AA.  Level 9/10 gymnasts have the opportunity to compete at Western Nationals by placing in the top 14 in their age group.  Level 10 gymnasts have the opportunity to compete at Nationals by placing in the top 14 in their age group at Western Nationals.



This is the world’s top level of gymnastics.  To achieve this honor is extremely rare—only .0001% of USA Gymnasts can actually compete at this level. The “Elite” Program is the one from which our Olympic and international teams are chosen. A total commitment of over 35 hours of training per week is necessary for success at this level. 


Bay Island does not strive to train Elite level gymnasts.  BIG is more interested in longevity in the sport of gymnastics, and the possibility of an athlete entering collegiate gymnastics.

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