Entry into the developmental program is by invite of an instructor only. Gymnasts entering the competitive team track must demonstrate a strong desire to learn and have the physical ability to excel quickly in the sport of gymnastics. The emphasis is on building a strong foundation for future skills in a positive, low pressure manner for each gymnast as she progresses toward the competitive levels. As the level of difficulty increases, so do the hours of practice, commitment and expectations. Gymnasts love a challenge right side up or upside down!

    Beginning developmental class for girls 3 1/2 to 5 years old.

Super*Star (Developmental)

The Developmental Team Program is designed for young girls who seek the challenges and benefits that come from the sport of competitive gymnastics. 


The Super*Stars class is designed for girls who exhibit above average strength, flexibility, coordination and attentiveness. The developmental process toward competitive gymnastics may begin as early as age three. 


The focus is directed toward developing the attributes necessary for success in competitive gymnastics at Bay Island Gymnastics. Gymnasts will continue to improve skill development, strength, flexibility, self-esteem, and teamwork all while having fun. Gymnasts at the Super*Star level are required to train a minimum of two days a week for one hour a session.

The Preteam program places each girl on an advanced track in order to begin the transition of becoming a competitive gymnast. During this process, your child will focus on further developing her strength, flexibility, balance, goal setting, self-esteem and teamwork (the foundation of all competitive sports)—all while having FUN!


Gymnasts at the Pre-team level are required to train a minimum of two days a week for two hours a session year-round. Preteam is designed for future J.O. competitors. At any given time a coach may move a child to a different track, such as our Recreational or Xcel Program, to better meet the needs of the gymnast.

Preteam (Developmental)